FAQ or Frequent asked questions.

  • Does stainless steel jewelry really look as beautiful as real silver and gold jewelry? 
Yes, our gold plated jewelry does look like real gold. There are 4 main types of gold purity: 9k, 14k, 18k and 24k. The higher the number, the more pure and “yellow” the piece will look, as the higher the number, the more pure gold is, and real gold is kinda yellow. We use mostly 14K and 18K gold plating, as it is more resistant to scratches. For the plating, we use a technique, that is at least 10 times stronger than usual plating, it's called PVD: Physical Vapor deposition and can last from 10 years to hundreds of years. Depends how well you take care of your pieces.


  • Does it turn black or green with time?

No, it doesn't turn black with time. With earrings it can happen, that  your ears produce an oil that ends up being visible. We recommend from time to time to take your earrings off and clean them properly but also carefully.


  • Does it get easily scratched?

It is metal, so yes it can get scratched, but that depends on how you take care of it. The metal is VERY resistant and so is the gold plating, so it won’t easily get scratched. If you expose it to extreme conditions, it may get scratched easier.


  • How to maintain and take care of stainless steel jewelry?

You don’t need too much. Like every valuable jewelry piece, we recommend that you keep it dry for absolute maximum durability and when you are not using your pieces, to put them back in their little pouch bags or jewelry boxes.


  • Does it shine as much as real gold and silver?

Yes, it shines as much as silver and gold. To know more about our gold plating, read the first question above.


  • How many types of stainless steel are there and which on has the highest quality?

There are many types and grades of stainless steel, but there are 3 main types used for jewelry: 304, 316 and 316L. 316L has the highest grade and quality, it contains less carbon and is much more resistant to corrosion and high temperature. 316L stainless steel has a medical grade and is used by surgeons. Maybe you can already imagine: 316L has been our choice from the beginning, to offer you the highest quality possible. It is also hypoallergenic and people with sensitive skin can wear it without problems.

  • What does 365 days quality warranty mean?

It means that all our products are made of the highest quality, they will not tarnish, lose stones or loose the gold plating. We will not take responsibility if you lose your jewelry, but we will take responsibility if any of the 3 problems noted above happen to your jewelry.


If you have any question please send us an email at: hello@belberriestudios.com we are always happy to help.